2021-11-19 07:53:20

MCDEX (MCB) is a decentralized derivatives exchange built on Arbitrum and Binance Smart Chain. The derivative product of MCDEX is the Perpetual contract. MCDEX is an exchange that allows users to use Perpreptual contracts on both on-chain AMM and off-chain Order book.

Why is this a gem?

✨ Backed by leading blockchain investors: Alameda Research, Multicoin Capital, Delphi Digital, NGC Ventures, OKEx Ventures, ...

✨ TMCDEX’s TVL (total value locked) increases 90 times from $2M to $181M in only 2 months.

✨ By building on Arbitrum - Ethereum layer 2, users will experience MCDEX with fast confirmation speed like on CEX, extremely cheap transaction fees (~1/20 on Ethereum), support up to x20 leverage.

✨ As more centralized exchange like Houbi, OKEx was banned because of legal, we can expect MCDEX (MCB) to grow more in the future and reach the same position as DyDx or Perpetual Protocol (PERP) did in the Ethereum ecosystem.

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